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Training Broadsheets were first published by Eric Begbie to provide amateur gundog trainers with a complete training course to take them from buying a puppy to working their dog in the field. Over the succeeding 20 years the Broadsheets have been regularly updated and have been used by thousands of dog owners in five continents.


The set of 12 Broadsheets are spiral bound in plastic covers for ease of use. (Also available as PDF files by e-mail if preferred.)


Each Broadsheet contains very clear instructions and is remarkably easy to follow. The training course is graded according to the age and stage of the puppy and follows a natural sequence of learning.


Remember that gundog training is the most advanced type of dog training but the basic obedience lessons are ideal for any breed of pet or working dog.




From "On Call" by John Trickett

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All of the lessons from the famous Gundog Training Broadsheets are now available in the form of a new book "Gundog Training Made Easy" which is available from Amazon or as a download from Lulu.







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