All dog owners want their dogs to be well trained. Yet, for many, the art of training a dog seems to be filled with mystery.


Training your dog need not be either difficult nor time consuming. The secret is to follow a well structured course and approach each lesson logically and methodically.


Training Broadsheets


Training Broadsheets were first published specifically for the owners of gundog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels.


However the basic obedience training lessons apply equally to all breeds of dogs and the Training Broadsheets are the ideal training course for the owners of all breeds of dogs. Whether your dog is a family pet or a working breed, this easy-to-follow structured training course is, by far, the best training aid you will ever find.



A well trained dog is a happy dog. A well trained dog is a safe dog. Even if your dog is only a family pet, it will have a much more satisfying life if it is under your control.


A well trained dog will not run away. A well trained dog does not need to be shouted at.


So you owe it to your dog to train it to the best of your ability. You also owe it to yourself. A well trained dog does not embarrass its owner or cause stress in the household. A well trained dog is much more FUN to own.


Use the Training Broadsheets to train your dog. Send for them today.




From "On Call" by John Trickett

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All of the lessons from the famous Gundog Training Broadsheets are now available in the form of a new book "Gundog Training Made Easy" which is available from Amazon or as a download from Lulu.







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